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Fire due to short circuit in buildings and work places, Lightning protection Earthing and safety, Protection of electrical and electronics from transient surges, Harmonic analysis, Testing of HV, LV and ELV system for safety and functionality

Fire due to short circuit - During 2018 we conducted 72 one-day training classes across India and abroad in the subject of electrical safety such as electrocution and fire due to short circuit. These one day training classes are well appreciated by electrical inspectorates of various states, well accepted and implemented in various projects under construction.

Fire due to short circuit has become a major threat for buildings. Accidents due to electricity happen in high raise buildings, hotels, hospitals, commercial complexes, industries etc. Every year 1000’s of people die and billions are lost due to fire ignited by short circuit.

Our participation in working groups of IEC & technical groups of BIS combined with knowledge from world leaders in the field of electrical safety brings innovations in Indian industry to reduce fire due to short-circuit

First time in industry - Our training combined with testing of LV system, convey the highest level of knowledge to users and ensure high degree of safety from electricity.

            “FIRE DUE TO SHORT-CIRCUIT” can be completely avoided in buildings

Our 2 day training program on Lightning protection is well known and appreciated by industry across India. We bring the international experts across globe to India for our training programs.

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