Astronomical Time Switches

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Common functions:

- Astronomical time switch with weekly program

- 35mm width (2 modules)

- DuoFix fast connection clamps

- 16 A relay with zero-point switching

- Extended list of countries and cities

- Own cities programmable (favourites)

- Offset function to adjust the sunrise or sunset time up to 120min

- Programmable via OBELISK top2 memory card (not included)

- via the OBELISK top2 programming software

- LCD backlight

- 10 years power reserve

- 56 memory spaces

Selectable Astro-Mode:

- Mode 1: (e.g. for street lightning)

1. Sunset (evening) à Switch on

2. Sunrise (morning) à Switch off

- Mode 2: (e.g. for Aquariums)

1. Sunset (evening) à Switch off

2. Sunrise (morning) à Switch on

- Mode 3: (no Astro times, only time switch function)

1. Multiple Night-Breaks programmable

2. Multiple Day-On times programmableTest-Mode to simulate the Astro-Times and the programmed switching times

3. Operating hour counter (including service message, e.g. after 5.000h operation)

SELEKTA 170 top2

- Astronomical time switch with 1 channel

SELEKTA 172 top2

- Astronomical time switch with 2 channel

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