Vertical Earth Electrode

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CAPE earth electrodes are made of high tensile strength solid steel rods molecularly bonded with a copper coating. Due to its high tensile strength of steel and high corrosion resistance behaviors of copper, these rods are the best and the economical solution for every earthing application. The rods can be driven directly to soil manually or with an electric hammer as well as installed in an augured hole. The UL listed copper coating ensures that the coating will not peel off while driving the rods deep in soil. The electrodes are available in various sizes with 250 micron copper coating. The electrodes are also available in both threaded and un threaded type.

The rods are confirming to IS 3043, IS/IEC 62305, IEC 61643-5-54, UL 467 and are tested according to IEC 62561-2 for the following parameters.

  1. Dimensions
  2. Marking
  3. Tensile Strength
  4. Bend test
  5. Adhesion test
  6. Coating Thickness
  7. Humidity test
  8. Salt Mist
  9. Electrical Resistivity before and after corrosion test etc.

The products are manufactured at the ISO 9001 certified, pollution controlled factory, which ensures highest possible quality and environmental friendliness.


Rod dia in mmShort CapacityApplication / for body earthing of panel boards with rated current
I pkI rms
14.23113lightning Protection / upto 250A
17.25018250A - 400A
207025400A - 630A
2510540630A & Above

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