Industrial ThermoPlastic Plug and Socket Distribution Boards

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- Current Rating: 16A to 125A

- Voltage Rating: 100-130V, 200-250V, 380-480V, 500-600V

- No of Pins: 2P+E, 3P+E and 3P+E+N

- Frequency Ranges: 50Hz, 60Hz, 100-300Hz, 301-500Hz

- IP Rating: IP54 and IP66/IP67

- The massive and high-quality enclosure made from PC/ABS tested and certified according to IEC/EN 62208*provides a wide range of positive features, Such as high impact resistance, highthermal stability, dielectric strength, weather, UV and wear resistance, good insulation properties, and resistanceagainst many chemical. The material used is free from Halogen materials such ascadmium, red phosphor and halogens (fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and astatine).Industrial Thermoplastic Plug and Socket Distribution Boards are well suited for allapplicationssuch as inindustry, trade, workshops, agriculture, household, publicbuildings, leisure, sport, marinas, camping, etc.Industrial Thermoplastic Plug and Socket Distribution Boards combinable and can be arranged in horizontal or vertical directions.

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